Join us for a “Speed Greening” Energy Efficient Networking Event


ENERGY SOLUTIONS HUB with Metropolitan Energy Center can help you save on energy costs and live in a more comfortable climate.

Join us for an exciting “Speed Greening” Networking Event with Energy Solutions Hub

Media contact: Beth Pauley,
Thursday, July 19th

Kansas City, MO – The spring season ended with the hottest month of May on national record. Many regions experienced above average temperatures, but Kansas City is really feeling the heat with record highs consistently pushing 100 degrees. This summer followed an extremely cold winter, and these extreme temperatures have a major impact on energy costs.

Kansas City residents are becoming accustomed to extreme weather patterns. Consider getting an energy audit of your building to identify the easiest and most cost efficient measures, which will quickly pay for themselves. If you rent, you can encourage your landlord to get an energy audit.

In addition to saving on energy costs, implementing energy efficient practices will decrease the overall environmental impact your energy use has on our community. This is a great way to simultaneously tackle your costs and slow the future effects of climate change by reducing your building’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Energy Solutions Hub is hosting a “Speed Greening” event, which works with small business owners, manufacturers, municipals, and multi-family homes. Join us on Thursday, August 30th from 4-6 at Lifted Spirits Distillery. Tickets can be purchased here.

Although our Energy Solutions Hub is new, we have been local leaders for energy efficiency for 35 years. If you cannot attend the celebration and want more information on how you can live in a comfortable climate without burning your pocket book, contact Sara ( We can help you develop a request for proposals to send out to potential auditors, evaluate their responses, schedule your audit, and file your rebate.