$2000 Biodiesel Rebate

Kansans get up to $2000 ($200 for individuals) for using biodiesel in your diesel truck/equipment

To Apply:

For Fleets

Fleets based in Kansas can get a rebate for using biodiesel blends of B10 or higher in diesel-powered trucks and equipment. Get a $1/gallon rebate for up to 2000 gallons of biodiesel per year.

  1. Purchase bulk fuel or retail
    • Private fueling (as a drop-in fuel or delivery of blended fuel).
    • Retail fueling (via fuel card or driver receipts).
  2. Certify your company purchase by filling out this form.
  3. Turn in your completed rebate form and receipt(s) one at a time or all at once.

For Individuals

Kansas residents using diesel-powered trucks can now earn up to $200 in rebates for using biodiesel blends above 5%.

  1. Buy biodiesel and keep your receipt
  2. Certify your purchase by filling out this form.
  3. Send your completed form with your original receipt to the address below
  4. Receive $1/gallon of biodiesel, up to $200 per year


Only Kansas residents and businesses/agencies are eligible to apply. There is a required minimum 20 gallon purchase per rebate application; you may attach 2 or more receipts to meet the minimum amount. Rebates are limited to $200 per household per year, or $2000 per fleet per year, and are only available until rebate funds are depleted. Rebate funds are provided by the Kansas Soybean Commission and generously supported by Kansas farmers under the Soybean Checkoff. Program support is provided by Metropolitan Energy Center and its Clean Cities Coalitions