Safe Alternative Fuel Deployments: a Combined AFV and Fire & Rescue Training Initiative (The SAF-D Project) is a two-year project that will develop and incorporate Alternative fuel safety curriculum and instructional materials into the Missouri and Kansas state fire and rescue training systems, so that alternative fuel safety becomes a regular and ongoing part of first responder training.


The goals and objectives of the SAF-D Project are to adapt existing alternative fuel safety curriculum and develop instructional materials that allow the training to be used within established training systems and time constraints.

  • Develop Advisory Committee, recruiting national experts in fire safety, alternative fuels and state training systems, to inform project
  • Adapt, repackage and update curriculum and instructional materials (including video/webcast/online resources) into a flexible training system
  • Conduct 2 Train-the-Trainer workshops with a total of 20 instructors trained from Missouri and Kansas
  • Conduct at least 2 end-user training workshops through Missouri and Kansas Annual Fire Schools or comparable venues with a total of 30 participants
  • Conduct an online webinar before the end of the grant period with at least 20 people participating

As a result of this initiative, first responders across Missouri and Kansas will be equipped to respond to incidents involving alternative fuel vehicles or fueling infrastructure; established state training schools for fire and rescue personnel will incorporate alternative fuel safety into their regular training programs; the fire schools and state training instructors will have the knowledge, materials and internal resources to deliver alternative fuel safety training to end users; and adoptions of gaseous fueled vehicles will accelerate due to fewer objections from well-prepared critical emergency and mechanical services personnel.

Project Lead

  •  Metropolitan Energy Center

Key Partners

  • University of Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
  • University of Missouri Extension Fire & Rescue Training Institute
  • FS Circle Solutions

Metropolitan Energy Center Staff
Kelly Gilbert      David Albrecht
(816) 531-7283