The Midwest Region Alternative Fuels Project was managed by MEC for the KC Regional Clean Cities Coalition and its 20 deployment partners. Its goals included:

  • Supporting green collar jobs related to alternative fuel vehicle
  • Engine and refueling equipment manufacture and service
  • Expanding the influence of Clean Cities
  • Growing alternative fuel use regionally by connecting new areas of use, especially along interstate corridors.

MEC and its partners installed 29 alternative fuel stations (both public access and private), supported local government, commercial fleets and travel corridors, and purchased 376 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, most of which were replacing gasoline or diesel vehicles and taking them off the road. Our project demonstrated an all-of-the-above strategy for alternative fuels and recognized appropriate diversity as the key to transitioning to an energy-secure future. The project included vehicles and refueling infrastructure for compressed natural gas, B20 biodiesel, E85 ethanol, propane autogas, plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. It educated fleet managers and the general public about alternative fuel availability, clean air attributes, financial benefits and best practices for deployment. It provided technical assistance and training to fleet operators and first-responders. Finally, an extensive marketing and public awareness program helped educate the general public about alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology success stories in the Midwest region.

Project Profiles:

Overall Impact:

mrafp overall graph


*The 5 additional E85 station projects were never completed.