Alternative Fuels Corridor Study:

  • The Mid-America Alternative Fuels Corridor Study (Corridor Study) focuses on fueling stations for compressed and liquefied natural gas, propane autogas, and biodiesel for heavy-duty class 7-8 trucks along interstate highways in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. This study collected information on existing stations, known stations planned for completion in 2015, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) on selected interstates, projections on heavy-duty truck alternative fuel vehicles and traffic, and signage for stations offering alternative fuels. The study includes recommendations for numbers, locations and types of alternative fueling stations along identified corridors.

Fleet Assessment Report:

  • The Mid-America Fleet Assessment Report was developed in order to provide perspective on the challenges fleets face when considering alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) and alternative fuel (AF) adoption.  It gauges fleet-decision makers’ perceptions of barriers to alternative fuel adoption within Region 7 as well as gauges baseline knowledge of AFs and AFVs in order to better understand fleet-decision makers.