What is Mid-America Green Fleets?

Why Mid-America Green Fleets?

  • These fuels and technologies offer great benefits, including air quality improvements, attainment and maintenance of federal air quality standards, reduction in tax expenditures, increased energy security, and benefits to the region’s economy.
  • As petroleum prices rise, cleaner, domestic fuel options also fit into a more cost-effective business strategy. People in government, the private sector, policy makers and the general public are hearing much more today about alternative fuels. They are receptive to these messages but are unsure about details of implementation. Mid-America Green Fleets will help.
  • A uniform regional recognition system makes it easy to determine who has become a leader in green technology use for transportation energy. This public recognition system can be a badge of pride for organizations and businesses.

View these two analyses for examples of Green Fleets reports:

To join Green Fleets, fill out the Enrollment Form (pdf). A more in depth Data Collection Form (Excel) can also be submitted to Shane Reed.

Green Fleets Members