Missouri received more than $41 million, and Kansas more than $15 million, from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. These funds are intended to support projects that reduce NOx emissions across each state.

Missouri Settlement Resources:

Beneficiary agency is the Missouri Department of Natural Resources – Air Program.

As of May, 2021, substantially all of the state’s funding had been spent across most vehicle categories. However, funding does remain for high-speed electric vehicle charging in designated locations along high-traffic interstate and federal highways.

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eligible trucks or buses
Non-government owned
eligible trucks or buses
Repower with new diesel or AFV engine Up to 100% Up to 40%
Purchase new diesel or AFV vehicle Up to 100% Up to 25%
Repower with all-electric engine, including infrastructure Up to 100% Up to 75%
Purchase new all-electric vehicle, including infrastructure Up to 100% Up to 75%

Kansas Settlement Resources:

Beneficiary agency is the Kansas Department of Transportation.

As in Missouri, most of the funding awarded to Kansas has already been spent by the spring of 2022. However, plans for high-speed EV charging networks similar to those in Missouri are moving forward, and funding will be made available.

The Kansas Department of Transportation posts updates on funding opportunities in the Kansas Register, which is operated by the Secretary of State.

We advise those interested in additional funding opportunities through the Kansas VW Settlement to check the Register, which updates weekly each Thursday. Selecting the most recent issue at the Register link posted above, then scroll down to the Department of Transportation section under “Notices”. The most recent VW Settlement announcement through the Register was September 9th, 2021.

National Settlement Resources:

Alt Fuel Corridor Resources: