Rachel MacNair, Homeowner

Jim Rice, community development consultant.

Twana-Hall Scott speaks about Project Living Proof from a real estate professional’s point of view.

Lisa Hummel talks about how her Project Living Proof tour helped shape the decisions she and her husband made in their own home.

Steven Carter, Vice-President, Environmental Business Development Office, American Honda Motor Co., Inc writes a letter regarding the decision to halt production of the Honda Civic Natural Gas.

Read the Letter about the Honda Civic Natural Gas program

The Fuels Fix is a collaborative effort of all the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program coalitions in the United States working together to spread the word about actions that are taking place to reduce oil dependence, improve air quality and get advanced fuels, vehicle and vehicle technologies in use.
Fuels Fix is an online publication of Clean Cities Coalitions and alternative fuel news. The Ezine is a quarterly collection of stories from all over the U.S. about alternative fuels, hybrids, conservation and efficiency initiatives, emissions reducing technologies, and similar news from the coordinators themselves.

Read the Magazine

Membership with Metropolitan Energy Center through The Energy Network puts you at the heart of the green energy economy in America’s heartland. Whether the goal is improving home energy efficiency, deploying clean and domestic fuels for transportation and energy generation, or helping businesses green the bottom line, your financial support helps our programs cut foreign oil dependency, clean our air, and spark local economic vitality.

A variety of initiatives by MEC and The Energy Network – including our Clean Cities coalitions – produce a wide array of benefits, including technical assistance and funding for fleets and homeowners, sales and networking for vendors, and encompasses all of the below.

* Networking – MEC members and stakeholders encounter a cross-section of hundreds of experts on energy, design, transportation and sustainability from across the region and around the country.

* Education – Webinars, conferences and seminars throughout the year put you and your team in touch with the latest developments in the full spectrum of fuels, technology and policy.

* Branding – If your firm or organization is identified with MEC, it is associated with one of the oldest and most experienced energy non-profits in Kansas City and is recognized as a supporter of clean, green energy solutions.

* Publicity – MEC promotes your organization’s achievements through traditional and social media.

* Answers – Our members, presenters and stakeholders are in the field, the shop and the design studio every day, creating and deploying new ideas and new business concepts – and the questions they can answer may well be yours.

* Leverage – Whether it’s policy, procurement or planning, the years of experience we and our members have is at your service. Further, our resources are your resources, such as our long-standing relationship with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program.

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On April 18, Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC) elected its New Board Members for 2015. Our new Board members bring a wealth of talents, insight and life experience to our organization and we are grateful for their time and interest in our work!


Our Officers for 2015 are:

Luke Hagedorn, Polsinelli Law Firm

Vice Presidents 
Bob Berkebile, BNIM
Elizabeth Bejan, ReVolve KC
Chris DeVolder, HOK (former Board President)

Steve Kidwell, Eagle Materials

Bob Solger, Solar Design Studio


The following individuals have stepped down from the MEC Board in the past six months:  John Sommers, Henderson Engineers; Dennis Brown, Kansas Gas Service; and Gunnar Hand, BNIM.  We want to recognize and thank them for their contributions!

One of our longest serving Board members, John Sommers helped lead the organization through the transition between Executive Directors as well as many funding and program changes.  John served as Board Secretary in 2013 and 2014.

While Dennis Brown has stepped down from the MEC Board, he and Kansas Gas Service remain active partners with MEC on a variety of projects and Dennis continues to participate in the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition.

Gunnar Hand resigned from the MEC Board in the past month as part of accepting a job with an architecture and design firm in Los Angeles.  We wish Gunnar the best of luck and good fortune in this next stage of his career!


We are also pleased to welcome the following members to the MEC Board:

Gaylen Davenport, Worldwide Energy

Twana Hall-Scott, Scott Hall and Associates

Anne Melia, Blackstone Environmental Group

Kevin Pinkowski, BHC Rhodes

Gerald Shechter, City of Kansas City, MO

As a stakeholder with the KC Regional Clean Cities Coalition, your participation in our Annual Report is very important. The survey will collect information about the progress your organization made in 2014 with alternative fuels, advanced technology vehicles and other clean transportation initiatives. We are collecting this data to analyze our region’s trends and successes in adopting clean transportation policies and alternative fuels.

In addition to KC Regional Clean Cities using the compiled data to better serve your needs locally, the information from coalitions nationwide are compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and conveyed anonymously in the aggregate to the U.S. Government—to members of Congress, the administration, and DOE staff. This data is crucial because the federal government uses it for the following:

• Justification of DOE Vehicle Technologies / Clean Cities program funding
• Justification of Clean Cities grant funding
• Strategic resource investment for Clean Cities and technical assistance
• Media releases and news stories in the national and local markets

Completed surveys are due to angela@metroenergy.org on February 20, 2015. If you are not able to aggregate the information necessary for this survey, please forward this email onto the appropriate person in your organization and cc me on your email.

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The final nominations are in for Fuel Consumer, Policy & Incentive, and At-large Representatives.  Thank you for all your nominations and feedback.  Below you will find bios of each candidate. You must be a member to vote, if you are not, please contact Angela Song at angela@metroenergy.org.

Policy and Incentives Representative

Steve Ahrens – Missouri Propane Gas Association (MPGA)

Steve Ahrens serves as both the President of the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council (MOPERC) and the Executive Director of the Missouri Propane Gas Association (MPGA). MPGA is a not-for-profit trade association representing nearly all the state’s propane dealers, suppliers and partners; MOPERC is a state-authorized check-off program that provides funding for consumer safety, industry training, appliance rebates and technology incentives. Ahrens has directed industry efforts to leverage public investment in propane used as motor fuel (autogas) through car and truck fleets, and also lawn mowers. MOPERC incentive programs support both of these initiatives. Ahrens serves on the national PERC Market Outreach advisory committee and is a founder of the National Propane Trainers Conference, an annual meeting of industry safety professionals.

Kimberly Bonhart – United Parcel Service (UPS)

Kimberly, a graduate in Business Management from California Coast University, she has responsibility for public policy that affects all UPS entities in the Central and Northern Plains. In her role, she handles issues covered at local, state and federal levels.  Kimberly manages state government relations for UPS in Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, and Colorado. Over the years, Kimberly has used her experience and knowledge in her work on the board of directors for the Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado Trucking Associations. She currently serves on the boards for the Missouri and Kansas Chambers of Commerce, also has served as chairman of the board for the Missouri Motor Carriers Association (2010-2011), and was first vice president of the Kansas Motor Carriers Association before being chosen as president. In March of 2014, she was selected to serve on the Secretary of Transportation Mike King’s newly-formed Kansas Freight Advisory committee.
Article on Kimberly, President of KCMA

Robert White -Renewable Fuel Association

White is VP of Industry Relations for the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), a non-profit trade organization that serves as the voice of the ethanol industry, providing advocacy, authoritative analysis, and important industry data to its members, Congress, federal and state government agencies, strategic partners, the media and other opinion-leader audiences. As the VP of Industry Relations, White leads the effort to increase the availability and consumption of ethanol, along with consumer education, social media, marketing and membership. He works with petroleum marketers and retailers, state and federal agencies, fleets and consumers on a daily basis. He is also a sought after technical expert for the ethanol industry on ethanol, E15, E85 and blender pumps. He has served on various boards of directors and advisory committees and is currently on the Board of Advisors for the Fuels Institute, non-profit research-oriented think tank dedicated to evaluating the market issues related to vehicles and the fuels that power them. White is a veteran of the U.S. Army, and holds two degrees, one in Foreign Languages and another in Agricultural Economics. He is a proud member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.
Social Media: Twitter – @fuelinggood

R.J. Wilson – Sandstone Group, LLC.

R.J. Wilson’s energy practice focuses on promotion of legislation, rules and policies which create a favorable demand environment for the Natural Gas Industry. Wilson owns his own consulting business, the Sandstone Group, LLC. He serves as the Central States demand consultant and lobbyist for America’s Natural Gas Alliance. Wilson is a former constitutional officer of the State of Kansas and a member of the Kansas House of Representatives. He was elected by his peers to serve in one of the top six leadership positions in the Kansas House before returning home to serve as the elected County Clerk and CEO of Crawford County Kansas, the 12th largest county in Kansas. Following his elected service, Wilson became Vice President at E3 Biofuels and Mead Cattle Company where he directed the company’s cutting edge ethanol production process which also solved point source pollution from a 30,000 head confined cattle feeding operation in Mead, Nebraska. He assisted the company’s President through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding before making the move to consulting for Chesapeake Energy Corporation headquartered in Oklahoma City. Wilson has gained expertise recently in pipeline construction and project management while working as a member of the management team constructing the 600 mile Flangan South Pipeline from Illinois to Oklahoma. In addition to his work with ANGA, Wilson serves as the legislative chairman of the Midwest Compressed Natural Gas Coalition and as secretary of the Kansas City Clean Cities Board of Directors.

Fuel Consumer Representative

Bryan Fox – Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L)

Bryan Fox, Director Supply Chain Operations, leads KCP&L’s Materials Management, Transportation, and Shops & Technical Services functions.  He joined KCP&L in 2006 heading up the Support Operations group which included Material & Transportation Services and Fleet Management.  KCP&L has a fleet of over 1600 units which includes a variety of alt fuel vehicles and dispenses alt fuel at its fueling sites. Bryan has 20+ years’ experience in production, fleet and supply chain management. Prior to KCP&L, he spent 10+ years with Ford Motor Co. at their Kansas City plant and 8 years with Frito-Lay, Inc. at their Topeka, KS plant and traffic center.  In addition to his work with KCRCCC, Bryan also is a board member of the Utility Supply Management Alliance (USMA) and Heartland KC Roundtable – Council of Supply Management Professionals (CSCMP).

Lanny Wagoner – Fuel Conversion Solutions

Lanny Wagoner is Owner and Vice President of Fuel Conversion Solutions.  Lanny’s automotive experience spans over 30 years.  Starting as a boy working for his father at their automotive repair facility, Lanny has been converting vehicles to run on alternative fuels as early as the 1970’s.  Along with his father Nick, Lanny opened Fuel Conversion Solutions in 2010 which is headquartered in Oak Grove, MO.  Lanny has received extensive training by leading LPG and CNG conversion manufactures and is an Alternative Fuels Installer certified by the State of Oklahoma.  FCS has completed conversions for companies with vehicles located in 28 different states.  FCS is a proud sponsor of the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities and St. Louis Clean Cities.  Prior to starting FCS, Lanny was a successful sales and consulting manager leading large projects and selling multi-million dollar contracts in the healthcare field.  He brings this sales and leadership experience to FCS and has helped grow the company from a single location in 2010 to 5 conversion facilities in 2014.

Dan Williams – Missouri Gas Energy

Dan Williams is a career fleet professional with interests including automotive restoration, performance tuning and alternate fuels technology. Over his career Dan has restored several 1940’s-50’s cars, raced (SCCA Solo II), ASE certified in multiple disciplines and in June of 2013 become a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager, a credential conferred by the NAFA Fleet Management Association after demonstrating competency in 8 equipment, maintenance and business modules. A firm advocate of alternative fuels of all sorts, Dan believes that domestic rethinking of transportation fuels is not only necessary for environmental reasons but crucial for the fiscal independence of the United States. Dan has been active in the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition since 1998 & during his tenure as Fleet Manager of Missouri Gas Energy specified and built NW Missouri’s first public access CNG station. The station is located at MGE’s St. Joseph facility at 402 Cedar, just off of 229 on the lower West side of town.