After 35 years in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Metropolitan Energy Center and Kansas City Clean Cities are moving to . . . the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.  We’re upping stakes next week and heading just a bit west and north of our old digs at 38th and Paseo.

Our new office will be located just west of the Bank of America at the southwest corner of 31st and Main.  Our official address will be 31 West 31st Street, Kansas City, MO  64108.  Beyond that, our contact information will remain unchanged.  And just in case you’ve had issues making contact with MEC staff in the past few days – well, now you know why.

MEC Communications Coordinator Beth Pauley hard at work in our new offices.

At the moment, the office is a maelstrom of boxes and cardboard and packing tape and long-forgotten teapots and scuba diving gear (no, seriously – it’s amazing what you find when you’re in the middle of moving).  And while we’ll miss our old home, we’re looking forward to a cool new location.  Fittingly enough, it’s in a building that was restored and rebuilt – just our style.

When you drop by, feel free to park in the lot immediately east of the office – just don’t park among the U-Haul trucks on the west wall of the lot.  There are spaces right in front of 31 West 31st, but it can get a bit tight backing out when leaving during rush hour.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new space, and to more great years ahead!



CELEBRATING 35 YEARS – Metropolitan Energy Center is celebrating 35 years of energy transformation in the heartland

Join us to celebrate 35 years of energy efficiency achievements, and to support the future of energy conservation and clean transportation in the heartland.

Media contact:  Beth Pauley,


Monday, October 22nd

MEC 35th Anniversary Gala

Lifted Spirits Distillery

November 9th, 2018

5:30 – 8:30 p .m.

1734 Cherry Street

Kansas City, MO 64108

Kansas City, MO – Metropolitan Energy Center has a long history of providing energy efficiency resources at the local and regional levels.  This year, we are celebrating 35 years of energy transformation achievements in the heartland.  MEC invites the community to celebrate alongside the stakeholders who have made these achievements possible.  Additionally, attending this event will serve as a launch pad to support the future of energy conservation and clean transportation.

Some of the notable accomplishments and partnerships MEC is celebrating include:

  • Participation in Electrify Heartland and collaborating with KC P&L and Black & Veatch to establish Kansas City as the healthiest ecosystem for Electric Vehicles in the country.
  • Participation with the City Energy Project to develop a set of policies and programs to encourage energy efficiency.
  • Launched The Energy Solutions Hub, an energy resource center that is a continuation of The City Energy Project. The Energy Solutions Hub aims to cut energy use in Kansas City by 4 percent in the next 2 years, which would save over $40 million annually in consumer energy costs.  Additionally, it would offset as much CO2 as burning 37 million gallons of gasoline.
  • 20 years of Clean Transportation projects advancing the use of alternative fuels with the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition. Recently, we worked with the Kansas City International Airport to deploy the first fleet of electric buses at an airport in the country.

Both our programs are public and private partnerships that join together businesses, public agencies and the community to combine resources and transform fuel and energy practices.  Although it has been a productive 35 years, the demand for these programs continues to grow.  Our staff is committed to continuing these projects that promote healthier air quality, cost-saving resources, and overall sustainability.  Through these efforts, we can work together to ensure Kansas City will be livable for future generations.

To register or sponsor the event, visit or contact Beth Pauley at

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!