Kansas City elected officials declare support for Clean Energy programs and Environmental Health

On February 22nd, the KC City Council passed Council Member Taylor’s resolution to protest President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to 22 arts and science agencies. This action followed Wednesday’s listening session hosted by the EPA regarding repealing the Clean Power Plan. Several city, state, and federal elected officials weighed in on the importance of Kansas City continuing its focus on clean energy. Perhaps the most powerful statement came from Congressman Cleaver when he spoke about the health of his three year old grandson, saying “I’d like him to be able to breathe; I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

Since 1983, Metropolitan Energy Center has worked with government agencies, businesses, and citizens to promote environmental health through energy efficiency training, fuel alternatives, and more. This year, MEC is working with various stakeholders across Kansas and Missouri to aid the adoption of fuel alternatives to curb the usage of fossil fuels. Numerous studies indicate that fossil fuel usage is the largest contributor to climate change, and curbing fossil fuel usage improves the health of residents as well as the economy. Since the federal government is signaling a different set of funding priorities, MEC is prepared to continue these programs through the support of our community members.

We are excited to see the community rally behind clean energy and look forward to the community’s continued participation in clean energy initiatives. As Mayor Sly James said, Kansas City is high on the list of cities that have made strides to combat climate change, and it is imperative that local and state communities continue to decrease climate change activities to protect future generations.