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Energy Solutions Hub

In the energy efficiency equivalent of speed dating, visit with your choice of energy solution vendors. How does it work? Choose several speed greening table hosts you want to meet. At each table of 6-8 people, your table host may give a short pitch or jump into round-table introductions. You’ll have about 30 seconds to introduce yourself and your problem statement, you’ll learn some things, then move on to the next table.

There will be plenty of time for general networking and refreshments to wet your whistle.

The Energy Solutions Hub works with small to medium sized business owners, manufacturers, municipals, and multi-family homes, and our goal is to cut energy use in KC by 4 percent in the next 2 years. This would save over $40 million annually in consumer energy costs, and offset the equivalent amount of CO2 to burning 37 million gallons of gasoline.

Come meet the team behind the program and and your fellow community members.

Questions:  Sara@metroenergy.org

Check out this conference focused on advancing renewable energy in Missouri!  The purpose of the “Advancing Renewables in the Midwest” conference is to identify, display, and promote programs, policies, and projects that enhance the use of renewable energy resources in the Midwest for the economic benefit of the region. The focus of speaker topics and agendas are large scale projects, either through direct installation or through amalgamation of small scale projects.
Come together to discuss programs, projects, and policies that are advancing the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Tag Archive for: networking

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