Up to $10,000 off a Nissan LEAF through 6/30/2017 for KCP&L Employees and Customers and for UMKC Faculty, Staff and Students.

Looking for a car?

There’s never been a better time to consider an electric car. For a limited time, get a special group buy price on a Nissan LEAF — $10,000 off the sales price.

How to Buy

Participation is limited to the following eligible groups:

  • Employees of KCP&L or City of Kansas City, MO: must present proof of employment (such as a pay stub)
  • Customers of KCP&L: must present utility bill
  • Faculty, Staff and Students at UMKC: must show valid UMKC ID — UMKC ID card, diploma, or transcript are acceptable.
  • Must take delivery of car by June 30, 2017.

Visit a participating Nissan dealer to test drive a LEAF.

  • For KCP&L present this KCP&L Group Buy flyer and proof of employment or utility bill to participating dealerships.*
  • For UMKC present this UMKC Group Buy flyer and must show valid UMKC ID or transcript or diploma to participating dealerships.*
  • Show them the flyer and drive home your next car!
  • Purchase agreement must be signed by 6/30/2017.

* must present specific Group Buy flyer and proof of eligibility to receive discount.

Try One Before You Buy One

Come and experience a Ride & Drive and learn about plug-in electric vehicles. Our Ride and Drive events provide an in-depth educational experience, and opportunity for you to ask questions about what it is like to own an EV. And grab some great giveaways while you are there!

Click here to see our latest Ride & Drive opportunities! Contact David at Metroenergy dot org to schedule your own Ride & Drive.

Discounted Home Charger

Purchase a Nissan LEAF and receive an AeroVironment home charger discount! Ask your Nissan LEAF Specialist for details.

The Alternative Fueling Infrastructure Tax Credit is available to Missouri taxpayers for 20% of the cost of a home charging station, up to $1,500 for individuals. The tax credit is authorized through January 1, 2018 but is subject to annual funding appropriations.

Charging where you live, work and play!

With more than 1,000 stations throughout the greater KC area, electric car owners have the freedom to travel throughout the city with ease.

Use one of these links to find the charging stations where you live, work and play.

Why Drive Electric?

  • Contribute to U.S. energy independence: NEVER pay for gas again!
  • Electric cars are low maintenance and fun to drive.
  • The Nissan Leaf drives 2-3 times further than the average driver’s daily needs.
  • Get to know electric cars — and see how well an electric vehicle fits into your life.
  • Try the new app to see if Leaf is right for you!