Feedback Requested for Clean Air Action Plan

Final week! Survey closes Monday, November 6, 2017

If you work or reside in the Kansas City metro, you are invited to take part in a virtual workshop to update the region’s Clean Air Action Plan. The MARC Air Quality program is in the process of updating the plan and your feedback is requested. The purpose of the plan is to set forth a variety of voluntary strategies to reduce ground-level ozone pollution. Current strategies encompass education, green infrastructure, mobility options (bike, ped, transit), diversified energy sources (such as alternative fuels), green building, etc.

Your feedback will help update these strategies and provide a sense of relative importance of each.

Please take a look at this worksheet which will walk you through an exercise to compare two strategy areas at a time (28 total comparisons). I recommend reading through the list A-F and then compare the letters vertically in each row, highlighting the one you think is more important. Question 1 in the survey will ask you to report your results.

Following this exercise, there are a series of open-ended questions, 4 sets of the same questions, each focusing on 4-5 different strategy areas. The entire exercise takes about 20 minutes. If you can, please fill out the whole thing – take a break if you have to!


In the first page of the survey, you have the ability to identify your affiliations. In the “Other” box, please write in Clean Cities, so that MARC can aggregate responses by Clean Cities members and stakeholders.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Doug Norsby, MARC Air Quality Planner.

Thank you in advance for your time in completing the survey exercise.