What is WEALTH Day?

On Monday February 10th, 2020 the Climate + Energy Project hosted WEALTH Day. The event connected Water, Energy, Air, Land, Transportation, and Health (WEALTH) to promote environmental advocacy and education through the eyes and experiences of Kansans. This event brought together organizations, advocates, and legislators to the capitol of Kansas that fueled dialogs and collaborations over topics of climate change. A bi- partisan and bi-chamber Climate Change Hearing was held to discuss with the community climate action in Kansas. Representative Rui Xu, one of Metropolitan Energy Center’s (MEC) board members was on the panel. MEC was proud the have been one of the sponsors for this event, and to communicate how we are a part of the solution.

Photo by: Joy Ellsworth

Photo by: Joy Ellsworth

Photo by: Joy Ellsworth

How MEC Impacts the WEALTH of the Heartland

MEC is part of the solution through our efforts toward clean transportation, energy efficient building, and energy equity. Our three main focuses help address Energy, Air, Transportation, and Health. We address these through our work with governments, businesses, and federal agencies.

Clean Transportation

MEC impacts Transportation through our housed programs- Kansas City Regional Clean Cities and Central Kansas Clean Cities, Electrify Heartland, and Mid-America Green Fleets. Central Kansas Clean Cities focuses on the underserved rural communities of Kansas. KCRCC and CKCC work to promote cleaner transportation through technical assistance, education, training, media assistance and support policy-related initiatives for its members and stakeholders.

Electrify Heartland addresses the barriers of widespread electrification. MEC provides education and promotes incentives to make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible to our surrounding communities through infrastructure, electric cars, and public transit. Mid-America Green Fleets is a consulting service for business and government fleets interested in switching to alternative fuels. We do this through in-depth informational interviews, a detailed fleet analysis, research and sustainable transportation policies, and hands on support through implementation.

Our clean transportation initiatives directly help reduce emissions in the Heartland which contributes to sustainable Transportation and cleaner- breathable Air. Clean fuels increase fuel efficiency, decrease petroleum run-off, improves air quality. Cleaner air, a cleaner environment, and sustainable transportation all improve Energy, Air, Transportation, and Health of our beautiful community.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy efficient building programs focus on energy use in the built environment. MEC provides consultation, analysis, information and connections to assist our members with their energy concerns. We work with government agencies, private companies and building owners. MEC’s goal is to help our members reduce energy costs and increase their use of sustainable energy technologies.

Our Energy Solutions Hub works with business owners, municipals, manufacturers, and multi-family homes. We provide training, online tools, and low-cost audits to improve building performance. We are currently working towards the goal to cut energy use in KC by 4%, saving $40 million in consumer costs. Efficient buildings improve Energy use, save consumers money, and decreases carbon dioxide (CO2). Project Living Proof is a way we help homeowners take control of their home. We educate and supply resources that they need to make cost-effective and sustainable decisions. We help make their homes more comfortable and protect their families from pollutants and contaminants.

Energy efficient buildings improve the overall Health of those living and/or working in the building by providing cleaner Air systems. Through MEC’s Project Living Proof program we work to help those in our community. We show them ways they can cut contaminants and pollutants out of their home, make their home energy efficient, and cut utility costs. These components all work to improve the Health of our community, and Air inside and outside the home.

MEC and the Future of WEALTH

Metropolitan Energy Center was proud to share this information with WEALTH Day attendees. We were rewarded to be a part of the conversation of the WEALTH of Kansas, and we appreciated being a part of the conversation with fellow organizations, legislators, and Kansans. It was educative to hear the concerns of the attendees, but also to hear the many solutions to climate issues. Furthermore, it was rewarding to contribute directly to improving Energy, Air, Transportation, and Health in the Heartland. In everything that we do we think of those in our community, and how our work has a ripple effect. Our takeaway is to keep working towards our goals, and to continue improving the WEALTH of Kansas and Missouri with our programs. We thank the Climate + Energy Project for having MEC as one of the sponsors for this inspiring and informational event, and we will continue to be devoted to the WEALTH of the Heartland.